Monday, July 1, 2013

Tips on how to prepare your preschooler for swim lessons

With all of the fun pool parties, vacations, and fun at lake, learning how to swim and stay safe in the water is important for all young children.  Though parents want for their children to learn how to swim, we find that some children can be nervous about participating in swim lessons due to fear of water or even fear of becoming hurt in the pool.

So how can we help young children to overcome a fear of water and swimming?  Here are some tips from our school swim instructors.

1. Consider taking your child to meet the instructor and take a look around at the swimming facility prior the first lesson.

2. Do your research! Children love seeing examples of the skills they will be learning! Pull out some video examples of the professional swimmers, or visit a swim lesson.

3. Bring a friend or two! Children feel successful in water sports when they feel like they belong. We find that children are comfortable and succeed when a friend is participating along with the child.

If you would like to learn more about swim instruction and would like to speak to our swim instruction team, please call 512-795-8300.