Thursday, June 27, 2013

Let's Make a Pinhole Camera!

Ever wonder how pinhole photography works and how to make a pinhole camera? Highlights Magazine has a simple to follow tutorial. 
Here's what you will need to do to get started!
Start with an empty cardboard box. A round oatmeal box works well. Punch a hole in the center of the bottom by pushing a pencil through it.
Now place a piece of waxed paper over the open end of the box and hold it there with tape or a rubber band. Your pinhole camera is complete.
Sit in a dim room that has a bright object in it, such as a lamp or a window that lets in daylight. Lay a blanket over your head and the pinhole camera.
Hold the camera at arm's length, with the waxed paper toward you and the punched-out hole sticking out from under the blanket. Point the camera at the bright object. On the surface of the waxed paper, you will see a picture of the object—backward and upside down.
A real camera uses the same principle as your pinhole camera except that a real one does the job better. A real camera holds a piece of film instead of waxed paper. That film is coated with chemicals that are changed by light. They make the image into a lasting picture.
In a real camera, the lens does the same kind of job as the little hole—it forms a backward, upside-down image. But the lens lets in a lot more light so the film can do its work quickly. Have fun!

Monday, June 17, 2013

Homemade Lemonade....yes please!

Our school lemonade stand has us thinking of cold lemonade!

Here's a fantastic recipe a parent passed along to us.  Enjoy and please feel free to pass it along.

64 oz (8 cups) water
1/4 cup (equivalent of two lemons) lemon juice
8 scoops (1/4 tsp) pure stevia extract, (you may substitute approximately 1/2 cup of a granulated or liquid sweetener to taste.)
1.  Pour water into pitcher.
2.  Add lemon juice and stevia.
3.  If using a granulated sweetener, mix 1/2 cup water and the sweetener in a pot and heat until the sweetener is dissolved.  Then, once dissolved, add sweetener and water mix to remaining water.
4.  Stir and enjoy!