Friday, July 20, 2012

Which Sunscreen is Right for Your Child?

The sun is shining and the risk of getting a painful sun burn is high. So with that in mind, you go to buy your little one sunscreen to protect their delicate skin. There's only one problem... Which sunscreen is right for your child?

We have all gone to the store looking to pick up some sunscreen and it seems like there are a million options. There are sticks, sprays, creams and different crazy concoctions.So first thing's first... pick a sunscreen that is convenient for you to apply when needed. Some good things to look for when buying sunscreen for your child includes one that is fragrance free and hypoallergenic especially if your child has sensitive skin. Also, look for one that provides broad-spectrum UVA and UVB protection (look for ingredients such as titanium dioxide, avobenzone or zinc oxide). Along with the heat comes sweat so make sure that it is also waterproof.

Try to beat the heat and the burn that can come along with it and pick a sunscreen that is right for your child. When in doubt, remember to call your pediatrician.